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JnairBdesign - Inspiring Ideas for Home and Interior Design


Inspiring Ideas for Home and Interior Design

Modern Home Theater Design with Simple Ideas to Decorate 

Home Theater
Modern Home Theater Design with Simple Ideas to Decorate : Admirable Contemporary Home Theater Design With Widescreen Tv Long Rectangle Table And Big Sectional Sofa Also Cushions Wooden Ceiling Plus Task Lighting

Are you in love with movies and often spend your leisure time watching movies to refresh your mind? Of course, your dream home is a cozy home with the cozy and fun home theater room. That is something great to help you fulfilling your hobby[...]

April 27th 2015   |   Jdesign1   |   Home Theater

Balcony Furniture Ideas with 3 Things to Consider 

Balcony Furniture Ideas with 3 Things to Consider : Wonderful Balcony Furniture Ideas With Wooden Porch And Floor Ideas Also Blue Sofa

 Are you looking for the best way to beautify your balcony? A beautiful balcony gives a great addition to your living space. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you will find out that having a balcony can significantly improve[...]

April 26th 2015   |   Ajeng Kartikawati   |   Furniture

Designer Bathroom Sink: 3 Basic Things You Must Consider 

Designer Bathroom Sink: 3 Basic Things You Must Consider : Surprising Designer Bathroom Sink With Square Shape And Ceramic Material Also Freestanding Sink And Granite Countertop Featuring White Vanity And Brown Wall

Since bathroom sink is one of the most important aspect inside your bathroom, many designer bathroom sink with unique designs have been crated. In choosing bathroom sink, there are some things that needs to be[...]

April 25th 2015   |   Fitri Dwi Rahmawaty   |   Bathroom

Create Luxury Home Floor Plans with Interior Pictures 

Interior Design
Create Luxury Home Floor Plans with Interior Pictures : Admirable Luxury Home Floor Plans For Living Room With White Ceramic Floor And White Sectional Sofa Plus Cushions

The style of the house might reflect the personality of its owner. There are various styles of house that you could choose these days from minimalist, modern, vintage, even to classic. One of the most popular styles of house that you could [...]

April 25th 2015   |   Jdesign1   |   Interior Design

Modern Kids Room Design with 23 Fantastic Pictures 

Modern Kids Room Design with 23 Fantastic Pictures : Admirable Bedroom Design For Kids With Orange Wooden Single Bed With Drawers And Pillows Also Study Desk With Swivel Chair And Apple Pc Computer Plus Wall Storage And Shelf And Big Wardrobe

All parents of course want to give the best for their kids. That is including for their room. Designing the room for the kids, such like for their bedroom is not something easy and it is totally challenging. We need to deal with so many asp[...]

April 25th 2015   |   Jdesign1   |   Bedroom

Tips to Build A Patio Gazebo with Amazing Pictures as Examples 

Tips to Build A Patio Gazebo with Amazing Pictures as Examples : Admirable Outdoor Patio Gazebo With Glass Square Table And Wooden Flooring

A semi open space at your backyard can be a perfect space to relax in the afternoon. You can enjoy the cool breeze and warm sun while sitting at the bench. Having patio gazebo surely gives you some pleasure in relaxing at your own house. In[...]

April 23rd 2015   |   Jdesign1   |   Architecture

Backyard Furniture Ideas: Things to Determine 

Backyard Furniture Ideas: Things to Determine : Admirable Backyard Furniture Ideas With Rectangular Shaped And Living Space Ideas Including Gray Sofas Coffee Table Chairs And Patio Umbrella Also Outdoor Fire Pits

 The small room is a common problem often faced by many people. This problem arises not only indoors but also outdoors or backyard. Therefore, some people think about how to design a small space and can accommodate some furniture. It w[...]

April 23rd 2015   |   Ajeng Kartikawati   |   Furniture

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